Spy Sweeper 2011

Spy Sweeper 2011

Find and eliminate all types of online PC threats

Spy Sweeper 2011 is a full-featured cleaning utility that protects your system from many types of threats, like Trojans and spyware. View full description


  • Comprehensive spyware database
  • Three types of system scans
  • Automatically checks for updates
  • Schedule scans for specific times


  • Scans take a long time

Very good

Spy Sweeper 2011 is a full-featured cleaning utility that protects your system from many types of threats, like Trojans and spyware.

Security is the most worrying aspect of computers for most users. We're all afraid of having an unwanted visitor in our system, spying on us and stealing our data. But worry no longer. Spy Sweeper 2011 can take care of all those threats. It does so by using what it calls shields: security filters adapted to specific areas such as a web browser, network connections, the Windows system, start-up programs or e-mail attachments.

Each one of these shields can be configured separately according to your needs. Thanks to an extensive and constantly updated database with more than 375,000 entries, Spy Sweeper 2011 can perform exhaustive system scans and find any unwanted computer elements. You can choose between three types of analysis: full, quick, or custom.

Unfortunately, all of Spy Sweeper 2011's scan take about the same amount of time. And it's not a short time, which might be frustrating for some users. As a consequence, Spy Sweeper 2011 is not a program for users who want a quick fix before trying to meet a tight deadline, for example. Instead, plan to wait between fifteen and thirty minutes for your scan to be completed, depending on the size of your PC's hard drive and how much data you have on it.

Once the scan is finished, Spy Sweeper 2011 will move any potentially infected files to quarantine, where you can decide which action to take. Nine times out of ten you're going to want to delete the file, but it's nice to have other options nevertheless. Spy Sweeper 2011 also gives you the chance to schedule scans, so they start at the same time and on the same day automatically every time you want to run them.

Spy Sweeper 2011 is a complete spyware removal tool that protects your PC from online threats.


  • Pre-emptive blocking using FlexDefs
  • Comprehensive Removal Technology (CRT)
  • New Smart Shields
  • Report spyware quickly & easily
  • Advanced blocking and detection
  • Improved user interface
  • Faster automated definition downloads
Spy Sweeper 2011


Spy Sweeper 2011

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